First Item Sold on eBay

Last night was a strange night. Now bear in mind, I spend my hours between Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, so there is little that surprises me anymore. But late last night, as Boyfriend and I were scuttling in the cold from the train station to our apartment, three young, fit, and completely naked people streaked across the street right in front of us. I stopped dead in my tracks, confounded at what was going on, while Boyfriend continued to march ahead as though nothing at all had happened.

“Umm, did you even see that?” My feet were still warming my spot on the sidewalk.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, naked run.” (Link NSFW) Boyfriend was unperturbed.

And then someone started flashing a laser pointer at me. My eyes darted between the three pairs of pale ass cheeks disappearing into the night, and the little red dot dancing all over my skirt and the sidewalk. I looked around to see who was doing it, but the street was isolated. Confused, I looked at Boyfriend to see if he had any insight on the matter.

Turns out he did.

“Did you know a broken laser pointer was the first item to be sold on eBay?”

Apparently Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, was still testing out his idea when he put the broken laser pointer up for sale on the website. When he received an offer for it he was taken aback, and contacted the bidder to reemphasize the fact that the laser pointer was broken. The bidder said he knew this, and that it was actually the very reason why he wanted the laser pointer in the first place. He was a collector of broken laser pointers. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how eBay arrived at its niche: connecting people who want to sell weird stuff to people who want to buy weird stuff.

Damn. I should just sell this broken piece of s*** on eBay.

Damn. I should just sell this broken piece of s*** on eBay.

Interestingly, Boyfriend also told me that the second item to be sold on eBay was Marky Mark’s signed underwear. For $400, as I went on to find out.

Er, you want me to sign what, now?

Er, you want me to sign what, now?

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